Meet the Team

Meet the Stronger Tomorrow Team

Under the leadership of Dan Lagana, the Stronger Tomorrow team brings together activists and long time FCDC members from all over Fairfax County. Each team member is running as an individual, but shares a common vision for the future of FCDC
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Dan Lagana

FCDC Chairman

Jay Reddy

FCDC Vice Chair – North

Lainie Singerman

FCDC Vice Chair – Central

Patti Dinkelmeyer

FCDC Vice Chair – South

Tiffany Pryce

FCDC Vice Chair – Outreach

Susan Johnson

FCDC Vice Chair – Precinct Ops

Candice Bennett

FCDC Vice Chair –  Finance

Nadja Golding

FCDC Treasurer

Sean Perryman

FCDC Recording Secretary

Andrew Scalise

FCDC Assistant Treasurer

It’s important for the FCDC Leadership Team to reflect the diversity and backgrounds of Fairfax County voters and FCDC members. The Stronger Tomorrow team is diverse in all ways, and is prepared to bring our experiences to the table to help build a stronger, more connected Democratic committee. Tiffany Pryce

Candidate for FCDC Vice Chair of Outreach, Stronger Tomorrow