Internal Operations Plan

Internal Operations Overview:

  • Improve cohesiveness and comity on the steering committee

  • Focus on IT and Cybersecurity

  • FCDC meetings can be more fun, efficient and engaging (yes, you can do them all!)

  • Work with districts to drive interest and improve participation in standing committees

The Strengths and Opportunities Committee: The FCDC “Think Tank”:

We must constantly question our practices and our assumptions if we’re to grow. Earlier this year, I worked with a group of both new and long-time activists to launch the first ever FCDC Survey to better understand what all of our members thought and where we could improve and what we are doing well.

Expanding on that, I will form an ad-hoc committee, an internal “think tank,” that looks for opportunities, examines potential weaknesses, and questions practices.

IT and Cyber Infrastructure:


Following the 2016 elections, there should be no doubt that political organizations and parties are targets of hacking.  An organization such as FCDC, the most critical jurisdiction in a swing state, must remain vigilant. A thorough review of our IT infrastructure and cybersecurity vulnerabilities is necessary, needed, and critical to our party.

FCDC Meetings:

FCDC meetings can be and should be fun. They’re opportunities for all of us to congregate, socialize, and interact with our friends and fellow activists from across Fairfax County.  It’s where we all come together. But meetings must also be efficiently run and managed in timely manner to ensure they remain productive–while also fun! Often, a new member’s encounter with FCDC is a general body meeting, so let’s make sure meetings are fun, welcoming, and productive.

Standing Committees:

The FCDC chair must work with each of the district chairs to recruit members into the standing committees. This is an area where many of the members that have joined our party over the past two years can grow their involvement.  People with a strong subject matter interest in their standing committee will naturally take the lead and remain engaged. They have a sense of ownership. Connecting our members with areas of interest in turn further connects them to the party. Our bonds are strengthened, it’s a win-win. 

I will work with each of the chairs to ensure greater participation on the standing committees. 

Should I become elected, I plan on holding a retreat for the steering committee, as well as any members that wish to attend, to discuss the next two years and how we can be more effective as a team.


Maintaining our serious and focused fundraising operation, while also introducing new methods and tools, is our challenge and focus with respect to fundraising.

Candice Bennett, candidate for Vice Chair for Finance, was a one time candidate for Mount Vernon Supervisor, a graduate of Sorensen and Emerge, and currently the head of fundraising for one of the largest affordable housing non-profits in our area.

1) Introduce new ideas to fundraising events, such as text-based bidding for silent auctions

2) Grow our sustainers program

3) Build fundraising around FCDC-specific initiatives, such as our field plan for the 10th CD.