Our Plan

Rethink Today for a Stronger Tomorrow

Our plan was developed to build upon FCDC’s successes and address our weaknesses. We believe that there are many impressive activities going on within FCDC, and the job of the Steering Committee should be to support and grow the organization.

Win Campaigns

  • Plan ahead and build a lasting Democratic infrastructure

  • Continue to develop sophisticated precinct operations teams
  • Effectively manage membership with a Vice Chair for Membership or a part time employee responsible for membership growth

Improve Outreach

  • Encourage public service in Magisterial Districts and throuhout FCDC
  • Engage immigrant communities  in a  meaningful way
  • Stand with organized labor 
  • Work to get more members appointed to County boards and committees

Streamline Internal Operations

  • Improve cohesiveness and comity on the steering committee
  • Thoroughly review all IT and cybersecurity practices
  • Make FCDC meetings more efficient and engaging
  • Work to drive interest and improve performance of standing committees

I believe that FCDC has the capacity to do so much more than we’ve done in the past. With the right leadership team and a clearly articulated vision, we can be a model for Democratic Party organizations from around the country.

Dan Lagana

Candidate for FCDC Chair, Stronger Tomorrow