Patti Dinkelmeyer

Patti Dinkelmeyer  Candidate for FCDC Vice Chair South

Patti Dinkelmeyer is a Fairfax County native, Fairfax County Public Schools graduate (West Potomac!) and has a BA in Political Science from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Since graduating in 2008 she has been active in campaigns and joined FCDC in 2010.  As both a volunteer and past FCDC HQ employee, Patti has experience with the day-to-day work that keeps FCDC going.

Patti has learned and taught others how to use our fundraising and member/volunteer management tool NGP and has extensive experience with VAN Votebuilder. In 2010 and 2012, Patti worked for FCDC as a Regional Field Director and helped replace a Tea Party majority on the Herndon town council with a majority of progressive women. Patti has also worked on or supported many of our important programs like fundraisers, voter protection, absentee voting, the summer intern program, back to school nights, the voter guide and sample ballots.

Patti has worked for Dranesville District Supervisor John Foust since 2013.  She is running to help make sure we solidify our growth in membership over the past year and further strengthen and expand our committee.